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MISHY. why havent you put a lock on your PHONE yet MISHY?! -M :D

MISHY. why havent you put a lock on your PHONE yet MISHY?! -M :D

Just wanting to give you my two thank yous. first, for your beautifully created comic, i mean, not only putting endless hours and putting to the smallest detail but also free for us. :) its like that kind of comic with high quality that i would see in a comic book store unable to buy with no money so thank you to your good heart for sharing your story. my second thank you is you generously let us know about free paint programs XD its hard finding good ones. i search, i fail.


Aw, thank you so much! ^o^ That’s why I love webcomics too. It’s great that a lot are available in both formats as well :]

In case anyone’s wondering which free programs I’ve recommended, here are my favorites:

Fire Alpaca - An excellent Paint Tool Sai alternative which has perspective and ruler-like drawing tools. Highly recommended. (Mac/Windows)

MyPaint - A very unique program with an excellent brush system. Great for sketching and painting. (Windows/Linux)

Paint.Net - An alternative to MSPaint, good for pixel art and simple image editing. (Windows)

GIMP - A pretty good Photoshop alternative, getting better with each version. Available for all operating systems, but works best on Linux XD. (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Oh, and here’s a useful extra thing:

Lazy Nezumi - An app that runs in the backround and provides Paint Tool Sai-like stroke stabilizing to whatever program you’re running. Works great for Photoshop which I’ve always had trouble drawing smooth lines in.

Statue and bust life drawing done while visiting LACMA a few weeks ago. I forgot to take note of 2 of the statues I studied here but the ones I do know include: 

  • Portrait of Cosimo I de’ Medici by Giovanni Bandini
  • Portrait of Giuseppe by Jean-Antoine Houdon
  • Winged Female Genius Crowning a Putto with a Laurel Wreath by Paul Heerman
  • Bust of Lucius Junius Brutus by Ludovico Lombardo
  • Bust of a Female Saint by Felice Ydalgo Buenfiglio

Hello! I really really love your art!! I actually have a question about the free! guys backpack supplies!! How did you get that affect of Haru's notebook? How did you make it look like actual 'cardboard like' if that makes sense.....



hi! (: thank you, anon! it’s all in the texture i believe! (i-i did nothing much lol) of course, the underlying brown color and dabbing in darker shades around some edges does help. i find concrete and sandpaper textures work well for many things, if you’re trying to get that grain effect (: also, i think if u search for parchment or paper textures on dA u might find some neat references too! 

suggestions for any warm ups before drawing/painting?


Really counts on your subject matter. If your doing figures, some 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s, quicksketches are good to warm up with. If doing environment some value thumbs are a good warm up.

For Environment thumbnailing
James Paick is always good. I’ve taken his environment class on CGMA and it helped a ton.
Intro to Compositions are interesting. I enjoyed his line theory. If you scroll down he has a FREE video to watch.

Also has a FREE Environment video to watch.

I enjoyed both these Etyan Zana videos. Also Etyan is incredibly adorable I found myself smiling many times through his videos.

Figure Drawing

Count really what your focusing on, if your focusing on getting values in, anatomy, or gesture. Watts tries combining all three. But sometimes does focus on one thing, really counts on what they are demoing on. Usually though it’s gesture, scaffolding/anatomy, lay-in/shadowmapping, then filling in tone. You can choose to focus on portraiture or full figure. Here’s some examples of quick sketches by the teachers.

vvv Essentially this but trying to consolidate the process in under 2-5 minutes.vvv




John Park has a lot of great and quick processes for thumb nailing mechs and getting you to think outside the box some.


Usually speedpaints help in this area. Sijun used to be a big place for them, CFSL ( french) has a forum that’s pretty alive. There’s 2 speepainting facebook groups, Spitpaint which is 30 minutes and Super Speedpainting Funtimes which is 60 minutes. Many times people will post up their processes or brushes so keep an eye out.There are a couple groups that host them. I’m fond of Sparths speedpaints.

I’m not sure how long Robh Ruppel spends on his paintings but I really like the look of them.

Keep in mind what warm ups are. They are to reacquaint you with your process and get your legs moving again. It’s to help get all the rust out of your system. So try and keep things short.



Tutorial: Choosing Interesting Colors by PurpleKecleon

Watch Mel Herring’s (PurpleKecleon) full tutorial on choosing interesting colors HERE. She takes you through her entire process of this piece while talking about how to choose colors to create harmony in your piece!

Hey guys! Here’s the art I did for that tutorial finally posted!

It was a lot of fun, thanks CGcookie for the chance to make something to help others out!


So to those that might not get many asks or just dont know what pose they might want to do here is the Palette-Pose Maker!!

Palette: [x]
Poses: a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h

And I think it goes without saying that if you get a number+letter that dont exist pick again!




I have never found a more perfect representation of shipping



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free! x pocahontas anyone?? HAHAA last weekend i had a disney movie marathon slash sleepover at a friend’s and i couldnt stop putting makoharu into everything i watched! this is becoming a problem (but oh gawd imagine haru getting betrothed to sousuke LOL I CAN’T oh but no worries no one dies sou got hit in the shoulder by a bullet but lived) well i had a lot more ideas for it last week but ive gotten a bit uninspired now x’D